Viddyoze Review – Best Video Animation Software 2019

If you are looking for the best video editor, there’s a name that you must add to your consideration. Its name is Viddyoze. It is an online, cloud-based platform that provides users with great tools to create amazing animations for any purpose.

Since it is a cloud-based platform, there is no need to download anything and install. You can have a studio quality animation with only a few clicks from your mouse.

Slated to be the best cloud-based video creation tool in the world, you might have heard about this in some places. Read these Viddyoze reviews to understand more.


What is Viddyoze 3.0?

It is the latest and updated version of the popular cloud-based video creation tool, namely Viddyoze. Back then, the Viddyoze 1.0 came in September 2015. At that time, people were still new in the concept. Then in June 2016, the Viddyoze 2.0 came out in the market. The Viddyoze 2.0 had been rocketing the sales to over 100,000 copies. Then in June 2017, the team tweaked the Viddyoze 2.0 with the Viddyoze Live Action.

Now the reliable team has released the 3.0 version of Viddyoze. This new version comes with improved services and features. It also merged the Video Live Action feature into one single cloud-based service. So, once you attain your Viddyoze 3.0, you will get the whole package. Keep in mind that what is revolving around the market now is Viddyoze 3.0.

You might wonder if there are users who bought the 1.0 edition and 2.0 edition, or Viddyoze live action, how much they need to add to get the Viddyoze 3.0? Zilch!

The existing users can enjoy the new Viddyoze 3.0 platform for free. It does not matter what version you bought; you will get access to the Viddyoze 3.0.

The Creators

The solid teams have nailed this fantastic video tool creation. The team behind the project consists of talented guys named Joey Xoto, Jamie Garside, and David Chamberlain.

These talents came from the design and developer niche. With the same visions, they developed the video creation software together. The Viddyoze 3.0 is the solid proof that they have been working together, and will always be in the future.

Joey Xoto is the leader of the team. He has the initial idea of the video creation tool that we know now as Viddyoze.

How Does Viddyoze Work?

The Viddyoze is a common choice for any user on any level. It is simple and straightforward to use. Although you haven’t used a video creation tool before, it won’t take a long time until you master this best software.

The process of creating high-quality animations is also straightforward. Here are the easy steps that you need to do:

  • ​Choose a template
  • Customize
  • Edit
  • Preview
  • Render

That’s it! It can only take a few minutes until you make your first video. The templates are incredible so that you might need to spend some time to look and be amazed. Choose one amongst the hundreds of the models and use them for customization. These templates are coming in different topics, niches, as well as scenes.

The designer team seems to be relevant in researching the topics because you will only see the best templates there. After choosing the template, you will do some tweaks for your videos. Add the spices up a little bit to make your videos more appealing. You could add your company logo, add text, images, and so on.

You can also choose the colors of the animation. Preview it to make sure that you’ve placed everything in the right positions. If you need to fix something, then fix it. When you are sure with your creation, you would need to hit the “Render” button. In no time, the video will come to your storage, and you can play it as soon after the rendering finish.

Viddyoze 3.0 Features

As the cloud-based video animation tool, it offers fantastic features to amp your videos up. The software has been updating from time to time. The creators continue to develop and innovate the software so that the user experience is becoming much more comfortable and more straightforward. The Viddyoze 3.0 offers you the basic features as you find in the older version with the several selling points below:

Animated transitions

These transitions are a no-brainer. You could use it to make your video more appealing. The changes are essential elements in creating a great video. It connects the two scenes smoothly so that the audiences can see the video as the whole. You can get the most of it in the latest version of Viddyoze demo.

Call-to-action templates

It is crucial to add the engagement buttons in your video. There is a demand for social Call-to-actions for those who want to engage in their convenient platform. The Social media CTAs feature in Viddyoze allows you to fill the videos with cool animations and call-to-action buttons. You could pick the call-to-action viddyoze template, which is prevalent with your theme.

Viddyoze Template Club

One of the significant problems that the video creator has is the limited amount of templates. Viddyoze can spot this matter thoroughly. That explains why the tool has never run out of template options. For only $37 per month or $347 per year, you can access the 15 templates every month.

Live action animations

It is a feature which you rarely see in another provider. The live-action animation allows you to incorporate the logo and text into your video with the support of real actors.

Movie filters

Adding the movie filters in your videos will boost the quality of the final result. When your audiences see your video, they will think that the professional video agency makes it. The movie filters can add spices to your video.

Live Previews

This feature allows you to preview the customized video. Before rendering, you will want to make sure that your editing is right. This feature will help you to preview the video before you finally give it for the final product.

Money Back Guarantee

If by any reasons you are not satisfied with the secure video platform, the provider will accept your full fund request. The money back guarantees are available for 30 days after finishing your purchase. That is the definite sign that the creator is proud of the product.


The good thing here is that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to create animations from your fingertips. Viddyoze is an affordable choice, although the quality of the videos is the studio level.

Speaking of the viddyoze price, The creator offers two license options: 1) Personal that costs $47, and 2) commercial that costs $67.

Besides the two licenses above, the provider also offers new Viddyoze 3.0 platform that costs $77 for the personal license and $97 for the commercial license. These are great choices since the platforms give you ample tools to make such great animations easily.

You could opt one of the licenses and won’t regret your decision later because both of them are incredible.

In the commercial license, you can create unlimited video renders per month and universal usage rights. These could be for personal use or commercial use. It is up to you.

Meanwhile, the creator might limit the Personal License a bit, but you can still take the benefits from it. The personal license grants you 30 renders per month and unlimited usage rights for particular purposes only. If you want to make money from your creation, consider picking the Commercial License.

The significance of the software

This software can save you a lot from the hassle. Imagine how much you need to spend to hire a professional animator. Or perhaps, you opt to purchase the popular video creation software that costs you thousands of dollars. Well, you don’t need those at all.

With the Viddyoze, you will have everything you need to proceed. You can make great 3D animations as many as you want and earn from them as much as you want.

The cloud-based software only requires your updated browser to access the service. You can also create the videos from your smartphone or tablet. While on the go, you can make an enormous amount of benefits. No other video creation tool that can give you as complete materials as Viddyoze 3.0.

Impress your audiences with the studio quality animations. Promote your business with it, or use the web-based software for profits. You will get the value of your money.

​Final Words

​You can easily produce high quality Animations & Videos with Viddyoze. You can Access Over 170+ Professional Templates! From my Viddyoze using experience, Viddyoze is the best for solution for Video Animation Software. So, you can try it.

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