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klippyo review

There have been a lot of discussions about a fantastic video content creator tool called Klippyo. Klippyo has been a hot topic because this software is different and unique. Chances are you might have seen some of the bloggers, internet marketers, and influencers shared their klippyo reviews with the fellow internet users.

Some internet experts cited ​Klippyo is the best video creator software in the world. Is that true? Is it as good as they said? We are going to share you what we think about this web-based video creation software. So, if you are in the middle of joining with the pre-launch or not, make sure you read this klippyo review before you proceed.




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What is Klippyo?

Klippyo is web-based video editing software. Since it is a web-based model, you don’t need to download anything to your PC, laptop, or device. Instead, you could access the Klippyo site and use the video creation tool right from your favorite browser. The beauty of this is that you could access the video creation software from anywhere you want, as long as there are a decent internet connection and compatible browser in your device. Then you could use your credentials to get access to klippyo member area tour and proceed. Unlike the other sophisticated software, the creator of Klippyo focuses on the user-friendly interface, which is learnable by all levels of talents. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can make use of this software without any hassle.

The Genius behind Klippyo

The name of the Klippyo creator is Joey Xoto. If you have been around in the video marketing world, you might have heard about this name. Joey Xoto is not a new player in the video creator niche. His previous booming product is Viddyoze. So, no wonder that many returning customers are excited to welcome the Klippyo. Joey Xoto and his team have been working in similar projects for years. It is not exaggerating to say that the ​Klippyo Video Studio is the perfection of his past works.

Klippyo Video Studio Features

You will be able to take advantages of klippyo features which result in high-profile quality. The web-based video creation tool has crucial elements that are simple and straightforward to use. Users can learn the methods of creating a video in no time.

Klippyo Mobile App

Besides accessing the service through the browser, you could also install the Klippyo mobile app in your smartphone. The good thing here is that you can easily create a video with your fingertips.

Spice it up

klippyo features

You have the freedom to spice your video up with customization options offered by the software. Your videos won’t be the same as others because you can customize it based on your ideas and creativity. It is easy to spot the options like adding emoticons, emojis, text effects, images, quotes, shapes, and many more. You can even add other objects in the video so that these will give more kicking elements to your content. To add these, you need to click or drag the object and insert it to the video. It is as simple as that. When you use the mobile app, you could tap the purpose and drag it to the preferred canvas. It is a piece of cake.


It is the catchy name of a feature in the software. But it is what it is. Memeify is the feature that allows you to quickly meme your video. Even raw footage can be very high after tweaked with this feature. You know that social media and free hosting videos are full of meme videos. These videos have their audiences. You will want to use the meme videos to increase your website traffic. If you are thinking about meme videos, then you could do it with a single tap using the Memeify feature. The next thing you know is that your content could get viral as soon after publishing your video.

Intros and Outros

When you create a YouTube channel, it is not surprising that you want to make a killer intro for it. You may have noticed some favorite YouTubers out there have such fantastic intros and outros in every video. Of course, it can make other people envy. The popular marketplaces offer various intros and outros services created by freelancers. If you are lucky, you could get a nice intro for five bucks. But it won’t be as effective as the other hefty intros.

klippyo intro and outro templates

Klippyo provides the pre-made animated intro and outro templates that you can use as you desire, without any limitation. You will need to spend hundreds of dollars to attain the hard copy of the intros and outros from the third party marketplace. But from Klippyo, you only need to purchase the service and create as many videos as you need. Even better, these templates are so flexible. You can use and customize them to meet your expectation. The users can customize the texts, sound effects, backgrounds, shapes, videos, and so on.

Now you can create your killer intros and outros without wasting your money on hiring a freelancer. The outros are also great for your call-to-action button. You could add it in each of your videos so that your audiences will know what to do after seeing your video. Imagine how much money you can save and make from these.


There are automatic captions in the Klippyo web-based video content creation software. It can help generates text-based captions for your video. That means you don’t need to work twice when editing your video. Once you add the voiceover in it, the automatic captions feature will do their magic. The Klippyo will automatically generate the text-based captions for your video.

​If you prefer adding your captions by yourself, the Klippyo software also provides the feature for you. You could easily upload the .srt files. Many people out there need the text to understand the video well. The Automatic Captions feature is a convenient solution for them. With just one click, you will have the text captions over the top of the content.

Viddyoze Video Library

Viddyoze Video Library with Klippyo

Creating your videos do not have to be complicated. If you are not used to appearing in the front of the camera or shoot the moments by yourself, you don’t need to. Joey Xoto thinks well about their clients. He brought the previous projects to the current one. You can use the stock images from Viddyoze library. You could also access thousands of video that you can use for any purpose. Whether it is commercial purposes or anything else, the users are eligible to use it freely. Pick the content you want from the gallery and edit them with only a few clicks or your fingertips.

The Excellent Service

Klippyo is a web-based software in the form of service, rather than downloadable application. You don’t need to download the software to your computer, laptop, or any device. Open your favorite browser, update it, and use Klippyo credentials to get the access. Besides the browser, you can also use the service through your smartphone. Klippyo mobile app is compatible with smartphone and tablet. While you can use it in your smartphone, the tablet can be handier because of its more prominent display.

How to Use Klippyo

It is effortless to use Klippyo. Even though you have zero experience in video editing, it won’t be hard to learn the basics and be proficient in no time.

We mentioned the “drag-and-drop” feature. So, that is what you are going to do to create the videos in Klippyo. When you login the app, you will see the user-friendly interface. You can pick the object you want to add. Then drag it to the main timeline. That’s it. As mentioned, you can combine the video with the audio effects, text effects, as well as other objects to enrich the video content.

Creating the videos with Klippyo is as easy as flipping your hands. There are no specific skills needed to use the software and make high-quality videos from it.

As you see the interface of Klippyo web-based video creation software, you will see the “+” sign located near the bottom left. It will also lead you to the contractor page. You can view the information of the video clip design as well as the intros and outros templates. See the information at the bottom left page of the software. At the top right, you will see the customization options. Therefore, you could tap it and pick the customization you want.

The good thing about Klippyo is that all of the features and its interface are so intuitive. Although you haven’t read the manuals, you can try them all by yourself and master the software in no time.

Then you will proceed to Evaluation page where you will take the last action before converting your video. The software will ask you to write down the name of your video. You will have the freedom to name your video and store it to your disk. If you are sure about the video, then you could just hit “Evaluation & Render.” That’s it. Rinse and repeat. In no time, you will have dozens of videos ready to publish to YouTube, Facebook, or any other sites.

What we think about Klippyo

After using it for a while, we are fond of this software. We’d like to appreciate Joey Xoto for allowing us to try this service, although it has not been launched yet. From the software, we can proudly speak high about it. It is a software that is not like any other software. You won’t find the video creation tool like this in anywhere else. Here are the points that we’d like to talk about Klippyo web-based video creation tool.

Simple and straightforward

It is easy to use Klippyo. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to learn. What makes us amazed is that it can produce high-profile videos without a complicated procedure. Your audiences won’t even notice that you make the videos by yourself.

You can see the samples of the videos in official sites of Klippyo. Even experts consider the quality as studio grade. We are confident and sure that your audiences will love your video clips once they view them.

The awesome web-based thing

Klippyo is a web-based video creation service. There is no need to sacrifice your hard disks spaces. All you need to do is opening your browser and access the service. Likewise, the app for your smartphone and tablet is a simple thing. You can create fantastic videos while on the go. What can the competitors do better about that?

Goodbye recurring payment

Klippyo only charges you once. Unlike the other services which encourage people to subscribe. You need to pay once, and you can use it to make as many videos as you want. There are 92 templates that you can use. And if you are familiar with the previous video services by Joey Xoto, you’ll know that he and his team won’t stop right there. The creator can improve the functions as time goes by.

​The prices

Yes, we said “prices’ because there are upsells and OTOs. The core product itself, web-based Klippyo software costs $77. This one-time fee is for the license you use personally. For personal use, it is a reasonable klippyo price.

If you plan to use it to sell your videos to the marketplace, it is crucial to choose the $97 package. Different from the personal license, it is a studio license that allows you to create the videos to sell or for your own business.

The Upsell 1 is the recurring service. It costs $47 per month. With the Upsell 1, you will have the advantage to sell your videos and templates in the Klippyo community. The other members who are interested in your creations can purchase them right from you.

Upsell 2 is Masterclass. It costs $197. As the name suggests, you will get a particular class from Derral Eves, the famous Youtuber in the marketing niche.

The $97 Studio license more than enough to profit and improve your business.

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So if you want to promote your own business, affiliate products, create the videos for your clients or Need to create video content for your YouTube Channel or Facebook page? I think Klippyo is the best Solution for you. Klippyo include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. So you can try it, without any hassle!

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